Monday, November 30, 2009

World AIDS Day

Hello. This is a health message from Community Voice Mail and, the Federal HIV/AIDS information source.

Tuesday, December 1st is World AIDS Day. This is an important day for us to remember the friends, family, and community members who we have lost to AIDS, and to honor those working to respond to HIV.

It is also an opportunity to remind ourselves that help and treatment are available for people with HIV – which is why it is so important to know if you have HIV. If you’ve never had an HIV test, or if your last test was a while ago, I encourage you to get an HIV test. HIV tests can be quick and there are many places that offer them for free.

To find an HIV testing center near you, call the Arizona HIV Care Hotline at 1-877-448-7020. You can call 24 hours a day and someone will answer your questions and help you find a free or inexpensive testing center. Here’s the phone number again: 1-877-448-7020

We encourage you to share this information with your friends and family. Together we can address HIV and AIDS in our communities!

Here are the 4 HIV testing sites I know of in the valley;
Chicanos Por La Causa HIV CARE 602-695-3056
Ebony House HIV CARE 602-718-8466
Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS 602-307-5330
Arizona Testing and Counseling 602-506-2934

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