Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Holiday Gifts

I've been able to find a ton of information on how to help you find gifts for your children this holiday season.

The first referral has no restrictions on location and is sponsored by the Interfaith Co-op Ministries and is for children 15yrs and younger. You sign up by visiting Interfaith Co-op at 501 S 9th St. 85007 Monday - Saturday from 9am to 11am. Last day to sign up is Nov 30th. You don't have to wait in line just let them know you are their to sign up for toys. This is good while supplies last.

The next referral is a different and based off where you are located if you live in the North Valley please call 602.488.2070, East Valley call 602.488.2276, Central and South Phoenix call 602.413.2473 and West Valley call 602.348.6502. Due to the high volume of calls you may have to leave a message with a call back number to get more information. If you are leaving your Voice Mail number make sure to let them know it is only a messaging number and you will not be able to answer so that they know to leave as many details as possible.

Good luck!

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