Monday, August 23, 2010

Restore Your Right to Vote

In Arizona, the government takes away your right to vote in state or federal elections if you have been convicted of more than one felony, but you can apply for restoration of your right to vote.

Automatic Restoration for One Felony
For your first and only one-count felony conviction, you Automatically regain your civil rights upon absolute discharge from AZ Dept. of Corrections and/or completion of all aspects of your probation. In addition, you must pay all court ordered fines before registering to vote, even if you were convicted of only one felony. So all you have to do is register to vote!

Judicial Restoration
If you have multiple felony convictions and served time in a state correctional institute, you must wait two years from the date you obtain an absolute discharge to apply for your rights to be restored. To request your “Certificate of Absolute Discharge” call 602.542.3277 you then have to obtain a Rights Restoration application from your local county clerk’s office and attach your “Certificate of Absolute Discharge”. There are no fees for filing an application and you do not need a lawyer. The nearest clerk’s office is the Clerk of Superior Court, 201 W. Jefferson St 85003 their number is 602.506.0547. In Maricopa you can get the applications in person or you can print them out from

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